New Airbus approval awarded to Lotoxane

Lotoxane has added another approval to its long list of key registrations with Airbus AIPA 09-01-002 for non-aqueous cleaning agents.

Meeting the UK NatCo ABP8-1294 standards allows Lotoxane to be used as a key degreaser for Airbus applications internationally, including France, Germany and Spain.

Boeing, BAE, Rolls Royce and Cummins; many world leading OEMs and contractors continue to use Lotoxane as the trusted, safe solution for professional degreasing. It doesn’t contain any of the usual harmful chemicals like the highly flammable Acetone or carcinogenic Trichloroethylene.

Extremely versatile, Lotoxane can be applied by spray, brush, dip tank or ultrasonic bath. The acute risk of flammability when using traditional degreasers is eliminated. The very low odour dramatically improves the environment for workers.

Furthermore, the controlled evaporation and high contaminant loading of Lotoxane® both lowers cost and reduces VOC emissions, ideal for the removal of lubricants, protective coatings, cutting oils and hydraulic oils from metals, plastics, composites and painted surfaces.

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