Equipment-safe commercial carpet cleaning with FR5 Carpet Shampoo

When you’re cleaning professional establishments such as hotels, restaurants and offices, you want to make sure you’re achieving the highest standards, but still getting excellent cost-in-use. That’s where FR5 Carpet Shampoo – part of the newly rebranded FR Floor Care Range of cleaning products – can help. Today we’re spotlighting the benefits of this premium low foaming cleaner, available now from Arrow Solutions.

Why customers love it

FR5 Carpet Shampoo keep carpets to the highest standards of cleanliness, with outstanding cost-in-use and highly effective deep cleaning action. In commercial settings where attention to detail is crucial to maintaining a professional reputation, FR5 Carpet Shampoo is the solution of choice.

FR5 Carpet Shampoo removes general dirt, grime and stains from carpets and upholstery, leaving a bright, fresh floor with a pleasant fragrance of fresh linen. This concentrated formula delivers dilution rates from 1:30 to 1:90 depending on the strength required.

Why cleaners love it

With low foam action, FR5 Carpet Shampoo is ideal for use with wet extraction machines, whether hot or cold. This means that cleaners can operate quickly and efficiently, with less foam build-up and less downtime.

Cleaning professionals also choose FR5 Carpet Shampoo for its non corrosive formula, making it even safer for use with cleaning equipment and allowing a greater working lifespan than competing formulas. The highly effective deep cleaning action of FR5 Carpet Shampoo is not only friendly to carpets but to carpet cleaning tools, saving money that would otherwise be spent on replacements and repairs.

Learn more about FR5

To find out more about how FR5 Carpet Shampoo can benefit your commercial establishment, contact us today or download the technical datasheet.

Learn more about the FR Floor Care Range

Arrow Solutions’ FR Floor Care Range is made up of a suite of products formulated for the application or removal of polishes and cleaners from a variety of finishes, including natural stone, tile, vinyl, rubber, linoleum and anti-slip surfaces. Download the flyer or visit our FR Floor Care Range directory.

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