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Effective degreasing power in a low-foam non-caustic solution with Metaklenz

Arrow proudly offers Metaklenz, a powerful, non-caustic cleaner and degreaser designed for use in the food industry and other related sectors. Metaklenz is designed to tackle tough grease, oil and hard coatings, and will leaving surfaces sparkling – whether you’re in food production, maintaining an industrial kitchen or anything in between!

Arrow Metaklenz

Safe for all surfaces

Metaklenz’ non-caustic formula was specially engineered by Arrow to guarantees compatibility with all surfaces, ensuring the safety of soft metals and galvanised surfaces. Metaklenz delivers outstanding cleaning and gets the job done without compromising the integrity of your surfaces – no matter the level of cleaning required.

Low foam, high effectiveness

Metaklenz was designed to be a low-foam product, making it perfect for CIP and recirculating systems. Cleaning is hassle-free with Metaklenz – no more excessive foam, just smooth and effective cleaning action. What’s more, Metaklenz is completely silicon-free, ensuring no residues are left behind after the cleaning process is completed. Regardless of the cleaning task at hand, Metaklenz will deliver.

Fight corrosion

Metaklenz comes with the added benefit of corrosion prevention. This helps to ensure a longer lifespan for cleaned components, reducing costs further in the long term. The unique formulation includes the addition of corrosion inhibitors, adding an extra level of protection with every single clean.

A little goes a long way

Metaklenz has a highly concentrated formula, meaning you can achieve outstanding degreasing results with just a little of the product. This has the effect of making Metaklenz highly economical in usage. With sizes of both 20L and 1000L available, whether you’re a small business or a large industrial warehouse, Metaklenz is ready to support your cleaning needs.

Get in touch with the industrial cleaning and maintenance chemical experts

If you want to learn more about Metaklenz, visit the product page and enquire. Our experts can help you decide if Metaklenz is right for you, and help you choose the right cleaning products for your industry. You can also follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with news and announcements from Arrow.