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Beat the Freeze! Keeping your windscreens crystal clear with Polar De-Icer

Polar De-icer

As the winter months set in and temperatures plummet, one of the biggest challenges is having to scrape thick layers of frost and ice off windscreens. This is why Arrow Solutions developed Polar De-Icer, the commercial grade solution for rapidly melting ice on windscreens and windows.

Rapid de-icing with staying power

Polar De-Icer contains a premium blend of alcohols and glycols designed specifically to melt ice incredibly fast, even in extreme sub-zero conditions down to -50°C.

The powerful aerosol jet sprays evenly over the windscreen and penetrates thick ice layers rapidly from just one side of the vehicle. Unlike many weaker de-icers on the market, Polar De-Icer’s highly concentrated formula prevents re-icing so you can drive off confidently without ice forming again minutes later.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Polar De-Icer is specially formulated for commercial and industrial vehicles and boasts exceptional coverage and cost-in-use. The 400ml aerosol format also means it is convenient to keep a can handy in your glovebox for those frosty early starts.

Railway and aviation industries can also benefit from Polar De-Icer to de-ice plane wings and train windscreens when snow or ice strikes. The spray is even suitable for de-icing frozen machinery and locks, and it leaves treated surfaces with an enhanced shine. Regular use keeps windscreens sparkling clean as well as rejuvenating dull paintwork and vinyl coatings.

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Polar De-Icer spotlight


Don’t spend hours scraping at solid sheets of ice this winter. Equip yourself with a can of Polar De-Icer and make frosted windscreens a thing of the past!

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