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One of Arrow’s flagship products is now being tried and trusted by the biggest names in racing. Shield is an incredibly versatile product which acts as a combined light duty lubricant, penetrant/release agent, dewatering fluid, and corrosion preventative. Shield contains a blend of cleaning solvents to wash away residues of oil and grease, dispelling water and allowing deep penetration into threads and mechanisms. A combination of mineral oils and oxidised waxes provide lubrication and unrivalled corrosion protection. In aggressive accelerated salt spray tests Shield has been shown to provide up to 3 times the protection of rival products.

F1’s Mercedes AMG, Red Bull and Aston Martin are all seeing the benefits of using Shield when maintaining their cars. The success of Shield is spreading throughout the racing world with LMP2 racing giants Nielsen and the Belgium team W-Racing also onboard and even looking to trial the non-flammable version Shield NF soon.

Nielsen Racing

Mainstream automotive.

Shield is not the only product to hit the limelight in recent times, Water Based Anti-Spatter has also played a major part in automotive maintenance, currently being used at Brose, the world’s fourth-largest family-owned automotive supplier.

Brose, who manufacture mechatronic components and systems, supply every second vehicle, worldwide with their products. Water Based Anti-Spatter is a water soluble, solvent free, non-flammable, non-hazardous, ready to use blue liquid designed for easy application to the widest variety of surfaces to prevent adhesion of weld spatter.

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