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On the Railtex track

Friday 27, 2015

Arrow Solutions brings cleaning and maintenance expertise to Tail, more...

Always one step ahead

Tuesday 17, 2015

R&D lab keeps specialist cleaning and maintenance firm at cutting edge, more...

The Shiny Side Of Rail

Wednesday 25, 2015

Surge in everyday rail cleaning product sales, more...

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Polar de-Icer

Polar de-Icer


Rapid action non smear de-icer

  • A premium blend of alcohols and glycols for effective frost and ice removal
  • Powerful jet action that can reach both sides of windscreen from one side of vehicle
  • Highly concentrated formula prevents re-icing
  • Suitable for use on all vehicles, frozen locks, freezer machinery, compressors and heavy plant
  • Provides superb performance in all conditions, effective at down to -50ºC
  • Incorporates pbca technology (compressed air propellant) helping to reduce your environmental imapct

Coal Industry Assessment No: 1147
Rail Approval Cat no: 007/025119
Scientifics Approved


9 x 600ml

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Supermax - An easy to use concentrate system

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